Kwik Kerb by 3D offer you a satisfaction guarantee.
If you choose a Kwik Kerb® operator as the provider of your concrete landscape curbing, you should be assured of a job you will be well satisfied with. Kwik Kerb By 3D operators have a policy of guaranteeing your satisfaction with your new curbing product. This means that you the consumer, should have confidence in choosing Kwik Kerb By 3D. Operators receive training in the machinery operation and application of the many unique Kwik Kerb By 3D surface finishes. Choose Kwik Kerb By 3D for your project.

Kwik Kerb By 3D remains easily the most sought after concrete edging for many reasons.
e.g. To provide the product with room to flex as the ambient temperature changes, control joints are installed every 3 to 4 feet. This allows the Kwik Kerb By 3D edging to crack in a controlled way when ground movement etc. stresses the curb. A minimum of one part cement to four parts aggregate is used in the Kwik Kerb By 3D concrete mix. This provides a consistently high strength concrete curb. Most Kwik Kerb By 3D is also over-layed with a special, very strong cement/hardener/sand mixture which makes the surface of your concrete edging very resistant to scratching, chipping and weathering. (Most alternative curbing companies don't use this method and the result is a very short life for their edging.) Kwik Kerb By 3D also has a special sealer applied to the surface of the concrete as it is installed. This sealer adds much strength by slowing hydration, and protects your concrete edging from stains, reduces fading and makes the surface of your curb very easy to keep clean by simply hosing off.

Kwik Kerb By 3D needs little maintenance, but some precautions are important after installation. It is very important not to wet the new curbing too much for the first few days after installation, so be sure to have your sprinklers temporarily disabled. Don't allow metal objects like steel rakes and garden spades etc. to come in contact with the new concrete edging. (Concrete takes approx. 28 days to reach full strength.) Take care when mowing your grass and doing edging that contact is not made with metal blades. Don't drive vehicles over landscape curbing as this may crack the Kwik Kerb By 3D in places away from the control joints. With common sense your Kwik Kerb By 3D can retain it's beauty and elegance for many years to come. We suggest that a recoat of sealer every two to three years will help retain Kwik Kerb By 3D unique properties.

As with all concrete creations, small imperfections can occur which are beyond the ability of anybody to control. If you have any questions regarding repairs to damaged Kwik Kerb By 3D, please contact the Kwik Kerb By 3D operator who installed your concrete curbing and he will be only too glad to offer some advice.
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